Keep Up Your Bright Swords, For the Dew Will Rust Them.

That statement taking on some extra poignancy, as I sit and reflect on the Kelly Thomas verdict, handed down earlier today.

Disclaimer: I’ve had a bit of a difficult day, and I’m not really feeling on my game.

I’d mentioned in my first post that one of the things I love most about Shakespeare’s works is the way that he managed to
capture the timeless qualities of human nature. It’s only natural then, that his words should hold such relevance today.
Still, I’m feeling unprepared. A bit overwhelmed. I’m struggling to put my thoughts together in any sort of linear fashion.
Things barely make sense to me, right now. To try and articulate what’s in my head to anyone else?
It’s a prospect that seems daunting, at best.
As I mentioned earlier, I pushed through Othello last night, finishing Act V sometime after 2am.
That’s not nearly enough time to fully absorb everything that the play offers and to do it justice in discussion.
Still, I feel obligated to say something.

I’m one of those people who needs time alone with their ideas to fully cultivate them.
I like turning thoughts around in my head, letting them tumble over one another like stones being polished in a stream.
What I’m giving you now are my rough ideas. I’m certain there will be realizations that come to me down the line…
certain A-ha! moments considering the plot and characters in Othello, or Shakespeare’s word choice, or his motivations for doing one
thing or the next. I’ll do my best to record those thoughts and to present them here as they develop, regardless of my reading schedule.

What I don’t want to do is just post for the sake of posting.
I took on a bear. If this had been Hamlet, or Romeo and Juliet (both which I’ve read dozens of times), it
might be a different story. But this is my first encounter with Othello.
I should have known better than to take such a cavalier approach.

I also should have timed my writing better. If I’d started first thing this morning, until waiting for the end of the day,
I would’ve had far less clouding my vision. Less weight on my shoulders.
So there we go…another lesson learned.
And what is this, after all, if not an opportunity to learn?

I’m going to get my thoughts together, and I promise to be back on track in the morning.
Some thoughts about Desdemona, and her relationships with the men in her life…
Should make for a fairly nice transition to Titus Andronicus, as well.


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